Welcome to Rowville Engineering, your premier steel fabricators in Melbourne and beyond. We have a track record of providing specialised services and high-quality workmanship, and we are dedicated to fulfilling the individual demands of every customer. Whether you're starting a project for your home, business, or industry, our skilled staff is here to deliver creative solutions that go above and beyond. Examine our extensive service offering to see why Rowville Engineering is your reliable steel manufacturing partner.

Structural Steel Melbourne

At Rowville Engineering, we specialise in providing top-tier structural steel solutions throughout Melbourne and its surrounding areas. Our dedicated team of engineers and fabricators is equipped with the expertise and resources to handle projects of varying complexities, from small-scale constructions to large industrial developments. Whether you require steel beams, columns, trusses, or custom structural components, we deliver precision-engineered solutions that meet Australian standards and exceed industry expectations.

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Our Rowville Engineering Services and Products

At Rowville Engineering, we offer a comprehensive range of steel fabrication and structural solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Our services include:

1.Steel Fabrication

We specialise in accurate and effective steel fabrication for residential, commercial, and industrial applications, offering anything from custom components to standardised steel products.

2.Structural Steel Contractors

We offer comprehensive solutions for steel frames, guaranteeing structural integrity and adherence to building codes as skilled structural steel contractors.

3.Structural Steel Installation

Our knowledgeable installation staff is prepared to manage intricate structural steel installations with accuracy and effectiveness, producing excellent results on schedule and within budget.

4.Residential Steel Fabrication

With our residential steel fabrication services, which include beams, columns, and architectural steel elements, you may improve the strength and beauty of your residential property.

5.Steel Beams, Posts, and Columns

We supply and install a wide range of steel beams, posts, and columns to support various building structures and configurations.

6.Operable Walls

Explore our innovative operable wall solutions, designed to maximise space flexibility and functionality in commercial and residential settings.

7.Steel Outrigger

We specialise in steel outrigger design and fabrication, providing structural support and stability for buildings with demanding architectural requirements.

8.Galvanised Steel Frame

Benefit from galvanised steel frames' durability and corrosion resistance, ideal for outdoor structures and industrial applications.

9.Architectural Steel

Transform your architectural visions into reality with our custom architectural steel fabrication services, tailored to your design specifications.

Rowville Engineering is a one-stop shop for premium steel fabrication and structural solutions, whether you're setting up a brand-new building project, remodelling, or structural upgrading. Get in touch with us now to talk over the specifics of your project and find out how we can help you reach your objectives.

Regardless of the size or scope of your project, we provide specialised solutions that meet your unique demands. We offer customised steel fabrication services that improve structural integrity while satisfying the aesthetic preferences of homeowners who are building or renovating. Our proficiency in providing sturdy steel structures for commercial buildings, retail establishments, and industrial complexes is advantageous to businesses.

Our Services Cater to
Residential homeowners
Commercial Enterprises
Structural Engineers
Business Contractors
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Why Choose Rowville Engineering

Expertise and Experience

With over 6 years of experience in the field and adds a wealth of knowledge and skills to every project, guaranteeing creative ideas and excellent outcomes.

Customised Solutions

Our speciality is customised steel fabrication, and we carefully and precisely customise our services to match your unique project needs and design preferences.

Guaranteed Services

We offer guaranteed solutions for all of your structural steel needs under one roof, starting with initial design consultation and continuing through manufacturing and installation.

Commitment to Quality

Quality is our first concern in all we do. We adhere to strict quality control techniques and industry standards to deliver outstanding workmanship and durability.

Customer-Focused Approach

Our first goal is to make sure you're satisfied. We keep lines of communication open, give your demands first priority, and guarantee a flawless experience from beginning to end.

Certified and Accredited

Rowville Engineering is certified and accredited in accordance with industry standards, giving you peace of mind knowing that your project is in capable hands.

Competitive Pricing

Quality is our first concern in all we do. We adhere to strict quality control techniques and industry standards to deliver outstanding workmanship and durability.

Timely Delivery

At Rowville Engineering, we understand the importance of meeting deadlines. Our team is dedicated to ensuring timely delivery of your project without compromising on quality.

Structural Steel Suppliers in Melbourne

As one of Melbourne's leading suppliers of structural steel, Rowville Engineering defines itself by providing a wide array of superior steel products and services in order to satisfy the various demands of its customers.

Our Product Range

We provide a wide range of steel components, such as beams, columns, trusses, frames, and specially built parts, as reliable structural steel suppliers. Our expert staff sources materials from reliable manufacturers and fabricates them in-house, guaranteeing exceptional quality and compliance with industry norms.

Tailored Solutions

Rowville Engineering is aware that every project has different needs. For this reason, we provide specialised solutions that are matched to your unique requirements. Whether you are designing an industrial, restoration, or new construction project, our team is committed to providing tailored steel solutions that improve overall design aesthetics and structural integrity.

Advanced Structural Steel Fabrication in Melbourne

Melbourne building projects are always changing, and Rowville Engineering specialises in providing advanced structural steel fabrication services to match those demands. As market leaders, we provide outstanding outcomes for both commercial and residential clients by utilising innovative technology and creative strategies.

Innovative Fabrication Techniques

With the newest equipment and gear, our modern manufacturing plant allows us to complete complicated projects quickly and accurately. We use technology, derived from many sophisticated manufacturing techniques, to optimise production while upholding the highest standards of quality.

Custom Solutions for Unique Requirements

We are aware that each project has unique requirements and difficulties. We specialise in creating unique solutions that are suited to your unique needs because of this. Whether it's complex steel parts for architectural features or specialised components for industrial buildings, our skilled team can expertly and precisely realise your concept.

Commitment to Quality and Compliance

At Rowville Engineering, we prioritise excellence in all that we do. Our strict quality control procedures guarantee that each manufactured part satisfies legal and industry requirements. We continue to preserve the highest standards of workmanship and durability from the selection of materials to the final inspection.

What Our Customers Have To Say

I recently had the pleasure of working with Rowville Engineering for a structural fabrication project and I couldn't be happier with the results. From start to finish, the team was professional, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. They took the time to understand my needs and provided expert guidance every step of the way. The team at Rowville Engineering demonstrated a deep understanding of their craft and were able to offer innovative solutions that saved me time and money. They were also highly responsive and kept me informed throughout the project, ensuring that everything was on track and meeting my expectations. Overall, I would highly recommend Rowville Engineering to anyone in need of structural engineering services. Their expertise, professionalism, and commitment to quality make them stand out in the industry. I will definitely be working with them again in the future.

- Furqan Jamil

Rowville Engineering provided excellent structural steel fabrication and install. The team was knowledgeable, efficient, and easy to work with. They delivered quality work, exceptional customer service, and innovative solutions that met my budget and timeline. I highly recommend them.

- Sarwat Siddiqui

Very happy with steel supply and install.All the steel fitted into our tight roof where it needed to go. The installation went with out a hitch. Highly recomend rowville engineering.We will use again.

- Glenn Mc

Very professional and reliable company to work with. Will definitely engage in their services moving forward.

- Adam Perman

Great subcontractor to work with. Great quality and install team, we would be happy to work with again.

- Tom Forbes

Professional and great work. Not forgetting great service and very responsive.

- how keat lee

Quality work and very good service

- Thomas Kirkham

Why Choose Rowville Engineering Expert Structural Steel Solutions?

At Rowville Engineering, our commitment to providing outstanding structural steel products is supported by several special advantages that help us stand out from the competition.

Free Consultation and Quotes

We provide free consultations and thorough quotations so you can confidently get started on your project. Our staff is dedicated to comprehending your needs and offering up-front, honest pricing.

Guarantees and Industry Recognition

In addition to our quality assurances, which demonstrate our dedication to excellence and customer fulfilment, we have won several industry honours. With more than six years of expertise in the field, Rowville Engineering has gained the confidence of both current and potential customers.

Exceptional Customer Service

Your happiness is our top priority. At every stage of the procedure, we aim to go above and beyond expectations, from timely replies to individualised support. From the beginning to the end, your project will be executed flawlessly by our committed team.

One-Stop Shop for Structural Steel Needs

As an all-inclusive steel fabrication firm, we provide a wide range of services that are customised to satisfy all of your structural requirements. From conception to creation and execution, we offer a smooth, trouble-free process.

Commitment to Timeliness

We recognise the significance of deadlines. You can rely on us to produce on schedule while maintaining quality because of our effective project management and knowledgeable staff.

Qualified Engineers and Expertise

Our staff comprises skilled engineers with a wealth of industry expertise, guaranteeing that every project is carried out precisely and in accordance with legal requirements.

Choose Excellence, Choose Rowville Engineering

Join our satisfied clientele and experience the difference with Rowville Engineering. Contact us today to get your free quote and discover why we are the preferred choice for structural steel solutions in Melbourne.

Which steel works well for fabrication?

Steel selection for fabrication is based on the particular needs of the project, such as the required levels of strength, durability, weldability, and corrosion resistance. Several of the widely utilised and adaptable steels for construction consist of:

Mild Steel (AS/NZS 3678):

Low-carbon steel that is used for common manufacturing is called mild steel. It is also easy to deal with.

Due to its high machinability and weldability, it may be used in a variety of manufacturing operations, including bending, cutting, forming, and welding.

Mild steel is frequently utilised in general-purpose manufacturing, frames, braces, and structural components.

Structural Steel (AS/NZS 3679.1):

Building, bridge, and infrastructure structural components are frequently fabricated using structural steel grades such as Grade 350 and Grade 300.

These steels are appropriate for heavy-duty applications because of their exceptional durability and strength.

Stainless Steel:

Stainless steel is a great material to work with when corrosion and rust are issues because of its exceptional resistance to rust.

What steps are involved in fabricating steel?

Steel fabrication is the process of converting raw steel resources into completed goods that adhere to precise technical and design specifications. The following crucial phases are usually included in the fabrication of steel:

Design and Planning:

The careful planning and design phase precedes the manufacture process. Based on the needs of the project and structural calculations, engineers and designers provide technical drawings and specifications.

Material Selection:

Choose the right steel materials according to the project parameters, taking into account the steel's grade, thickness, dimensions, and type (e.g., structural, mild, or stainless steel).


Various cutting techniques, including the following, are used to shape and size steel plates or pieces to the necessary dimensions:

  • Shearing: Cutting steel plates using big blades.
  • Sawing is the process of making precise cuts with circular or bandsaws.
  • Cutting steel precisely using high-energy beams is known as plasma or laser cutting.

Forming and Shaping:

Steel components are shaped and produced using procedures like these to meet design requirements:

  • Bending: Forming steel plates or sections into the required shape with press brakes or rollers.
  • Rolling: Forming curved or cylindrical forms out of steel by running it through rollers.
  • Punching and drilling: Using drill presses or punch presses, holes or slots are made of steel.


Welding joins steel components together to create assemblies or structures. Common welding techniques used in steel fabrication include:

  • MIG (Metal Inert Gas) welding
  • TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welding
  • Stick welding (SMAW - Shielded Metal Arc Welding)
  • Flux-cored arc welding


To construct bigger structures or assemblies, assembled steel components are put together using adhesives, welding, or fasteners.

Surface Treatment:

Steel surfaces may undergo treatment processes to improve appearance, durability, and corrosion resistance, including:

  • Painting or powder coating: Applying protective coatings to steel surfaces.
  • Galvanising: Immersing steel components in molten zinc to provide corrosion protection.
  • Surface grinding or polishing: Smoothing and finishing steel surfaces for aesthetic purposes.

Quality Control and Inspection:

  • Throughout the fabrication process, quality control measures are implemented to ensure dimensional accuracy, weld quality, and adherence to specifications.
  • Non-destructive testing (NDT) methods such as ultrasonic testing or magnetic particle inspection may be used to detect defects or flaws.

Final Inspection and Finishing:

  • Finished steel products undergo final inspection to verify conformance to design specifications and quality standards.
  • Products are cleaned, packaged, and prepared for shipment or installation.
  • Each steel fabrication project is unique, and the specific processes involved may vary based on project requirements, material type, complexity, and industry standards.
  • Skilled fabricators and technicians with expertise in steel fabrication techniques play a critical role in ensuring the successful completion of steel fabrication projects.
Which steel are beams made of?

Steel beams are often available in A572, A588, and A36 sizes. High-strength, low-alloy (HSLA) steel with exceptional strength for weight is A572 steel. Tensile strength, weldability, and affordability are all well-balanced in this steel alloy. Another HSLA steel alloy, A588 has tensile strength that is significantly higher than A572.

What is a T section steel used for?

In Australia, a T-section steel, also known as a T-beam or tee section, is a type of structural steel profile that resembles the letter "T" in cross-section. This steel profile is widely used in construction and engineering for various applications due to its unique shape and structural properties. Here are some common uses of T-section steel in Australia:

  • Floor and Roof Beams
  • Bridge Construction
  • Portal Frames
  • Cranes and Lifting Equipment
  • Support Columns and Purlins
  • Rail Track Support
  • Industrial Racking Systems